Molding plastic at home

I want to make some molding in clear plastic at home what kind of clear
plastic can i use?
Some years ago i saw some plastics sets in toy stores that could b used
for preserve ex. butterflyes ect. in is it still possible to bye and
where maby there is some new material in use now?
I think it was liquid acrylic or.. ?
Soeren M
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Søren M
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Liquid acrylic is methyl methacrylate, sometimes referred to as methyl methacrylate monomer (acrylic is poly methyl methacrylate, PMMA). But this is fairly nasty stuff and I think toy store casting resin is polyester (polyester/styrene, still somewhat nasty but not quite as volatile). Try a search for casting resin.
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Glen Walpert
"Glen Walpert" skrev i en meddelelse news:
Dear Glen Walpert and Uncle Al,
Menny thanks for your answers.
I will go look for these "nasty" products. :-)
Best regards Søren Momsen
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Søren M
In my experience with acrylics, it is the little guy that has all the safety problems. Like the dental lab blowing fumes out an apartment window causing neighborhood problems with smell or the thermoformer out in the country that cannot protect his workers from fumes. You can smell MMA at less than 1 ppm while 50 ppm is safe. Just consider safety and neighbors when handling. Frank
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Frank Logullo

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