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Issue 92 August/September (I think) of UK based Model Engineers Workshop magazine ran an article on a basic DIY plastic injection molding system.

I wonder if someone who has this article would be kind enough to scan & email it to me? None of my local news agents have this magazine and the Australian distributor G&G refers all customers wanting magazine back orders to Nexus in the UK - major pain without a credit card etc.

I'd also be most interested in links to online resources describing similar home built systems. I'm looking for this information mainly out of interest, not as a serious production system.


Rob (In Australia)

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Lindsay Books republishes an eclectic assortment of (primarily) out-of-print/copyright-expired books. Among their offerings are the following: "Secrets of Building a Plastic Vacuum Forming Machine," by Vince Gingery

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"Plastic Injection Molding Machine," by Vince Gingery
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While the company, and the author of the above titles, seem well regarded in their circles, this post shouldn't be construed as a recommendation.

Cordially, Richard Kanarek Satisfied Lindsay customer

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Richard Kanarek

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