residual stress measurement by x-ray diffraction

How can I calculate residual stress in X-ray diffraction? I'm not only
have a problem with the mathematical model but also have a problem
with very limit literature source. Is there anybody can give me any
solution? I really appreciate that?
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sherly novita
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There are BOOKs on residual stress analysis by x-ray diffraction. Read!
Michael Dahms
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Michael Dahms
As stated by Michael Dahms There are books ........
The Determination of Residual Stress by X-ray Diffraction by A.M. Jones
Operating Instructions for the Collection and Analysis of X-ray Diffraction Data to Calculate Residual Stresses by A.M. Jones
SAE Residual Stress Measurement by X-Ray Diffraction, 2003 Edition
Your library may have different ones.
Jim Buch
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I would imagine line broadening analyses is the approach.
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Jack Ferman
If you have some time and patience the CCP14 has a great website where you may be able to find a helpful site or two on the subject. You may even be able to find a specialist who can provide some easy insight.
Here's their URL
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