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A Brief Introduction to Magnesia Carbon bricks
Magnesia Carbon brick is a resin-bonded basic refractory brick made from de ad-burned (sintered) or fused magnesia and graphite and bonded with high ca rbon containing pitch and resin, with some...
The Refractory Features Of Magnesia Chrome Bricks
Chrome is an important refractory material. It can increase the refractory bricks erosion resistance ability to mirabilite (salt cake). Magnesia Chrom e bricks have been used as refractories for...
Lab manager
We are looking for a vm30 board for our C.W Brabender Torque Rheometer PL2100. This board fits in the Inteligent interface. If you have one or knows of a likely source other than Brabender which does...
Re: Superatom mimics for rare earth elements
What Jay has c&p'ed is the New Age continuation of ancient technology and Alchemy carried out at Penn State. It was likely spurned on by China's monopoly of the global Rare Earth Market. The two main...
How to cure diluted PDMS with solvent
Hi, I am doing some work with adding on a thin layer of PDMS that is diluted with a solvent (DCM, THF, 1,4-Dioxane) on a silicon wafer by spin-coating or drop coating. My problem is that I have...
metallography of inconel
hi,i'm working on a resistance welded inconel 600,and in the process of etching my specimens,i tried kallings,and didn't get my answer.honestly i don't know what particles i should see...some...
potting material for high environmental pressure?
I think you're forgetting about the compressibility difference between the potting compound and the FR4. That will very likely lead to serious amounts of shear stress in the solder joints. Shore 80...
cleaning brass or alum with vinegar
Ok, here's the problem. I have poor heat in my truck. Over time the heater core has become less efficient at transferring heat due to whatever is going on inside the heater core, be it a buildup of...
Re: Cu-Zn-Al Ternary Diagram
Dear Tom, I wanted to mention that I have just published on CRAN, a package for R, for the plotting of ternary diagrams. It is based off ggplot2, which is highly regarded, and, my website can be...
what will dissolve silicone in a gas tank
We have a plastic gas tank thats for our 1977 dodge truck previous owners tryed to fix the sending unit and put silicone on the gasket.Well they ethier droped some in the tank or it slowly fell in...
Plastic castable as wood
Hi alls, I'm working on a saddle tree (for horses riding). I'm looking for a synthetic material that could be castable, like wood that is actualy used. saddlers need to fix leather with nails. Any...
data collection (polypropylene ( needle felting method)and polystyrene)
Hi, Sorry to take your time. I am new in conducting life cycle assessment with simapro. I am searching for some data regarding to production of polypropylene ( nee dle felting method)and polystyrene....
Honeywell's Desalination Using Graphene?
Supposedly desalinates water with very little pressure . Very low pressure drop = fresh water problems are completely over. Is there anything to this? Bret Cahill
Could Enough PV Significantly Cool the Desert?
How would that stop anyone from using filters to transmit red to the plants while reflecting green to the PV? Are you this dumb in real life or are you just pulling our legs? Bret Cahill
"Enquiries Concerning The Electrical Properties of Dental Amalgams" has moved.
Dear All, Owing to the closure of the Btopenworld free web space, the article "Enquiries Concerning The Electrical Properties of Dental Amalgams" is now located at: Best regards, Keith P Walsh