60 microns groove

Hi Dear colleagues, I need to manufacture in acrilic or other material 39 grooves of 10 mm of lenght, 90 microns width, 60 microns depth and separated 90 microns one of each other.

I need only 5 unit of this.

If someone know a method, or can give me a recomendation, please help me,

Best regards, Esteban.

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Laser etching might work. Google: acrylic "laser etching" OR "laser engraving" OR "laser machining"

David A. Smith

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Try "chemical machining". It is accomplished by applying a photo mask then etching away exposed areas. Some possible suppliers are fotofab and tech etch:

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Easily diamond machined by ruleing: Microfabrica, Corning Netoptix, B-Con Engineering, Synta Optics, Fresnel Technologies, Reflexite and many others.

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