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I am considering a career in the field of engineering. I am undecided as to which one I will go with electrical or mechanical. I was just wondering if anyone had some advice on this matter. I am curious about demand, type of work, job stability and so forth. Any responses would be helpful. Thanks

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Ultimately, choose the work you love. Something that hurts a little, and makes you grow. The mechanical program I went through had a smattering of electronics in it.

You won't go into engineering if you are looking for job security. Bartending, mortuarial science, sanitation engineering, or nursing. These all have good job security.

Even bean counter jobs are being moved to India.

David A. Smith

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You need to worry about which one you like first. At some point the other stuff won't mean much if you don't like the type of work. I considered both early in college, but went with Mechanical cause that area apealed to me more.

The issues you raise are probably more dependent on the industry you work in than the type of engineering. They seem that way to me at least.

You could do a variety of work with either degree.

Jeff Finlayson Mech. Engr in Aerospace industry

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Jeff Finlayson

what the others advise is true. Do you want a job or a carer? Do you want to hate going to work every day for possibly the rest of your life?

Chose the field you think you could be passionate about. Both are excellant and have many different opportunities.

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Alan O'Neill

Ditto with the other responses. Both fields are demanding, both educationally and in practice. Go with what you enjoy and what drives you. Job security is nonexistent - you must evolve continuously to take control of your future. This evolution is what makes an engineering career very exciting.

Steve (Aerospace Engineer, turbomachinery)

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Steve S

To add to what the others have said, why not choose a career which incorporates both. I am in maintenance engineering and cover the whole range of disciplines with the possible exception of Chemical engineering. If you love engineering, look for job satisfaction but don't expect much money or appreciation.


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John Manders

Very true and let me add diversity. The more you know, in general, the more valuable you will become so even if you choose one path or the other, do not think that is all you will do until you retire. I am a civil with enough architectural, electrical and mechanical experience to do small, simple designs for small clients and projects - like small alterations in a strip center-type business.


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