How enforce PM work?

Im curious as to how you all are enforcing and insuring that preventative maint (PM) work is being DONE in a plant?

We just have a paper based system and the guys can just "pencil whip" that.

What methods can be taken to make sure PM is actually being done? What internal controls?

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I'd say termination of a few of the cheaters who are fraudulently filling out PM form when work isn't actually being done will help to correct the problem.

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ms wrote in news:

Do random audits :)

Not only you, but get 5 or so people involved in the audits. Write non- conformances for anything you find, track it back to who was 'supposed' to have done it, and make sure there is disiplinary action taken. It only takes 2 or 3 write-ups to get the word out.

It can also be tracked back through failures. They do a backlash check on a machine for a PM, say it's ok. Two weeks later, quality problems traced to excessive backlash in the screw. Unless a catestrophic failure occurred (crash, etc), something like this is unlikely to have developed into a problem in two weeks......Ballscrews fail in a very predictable pattern.

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