How do you Mirror All?

Using SWx 2003 Education Edition...

I see under "What's New" that Mirror All was removed from the menu since the Mirror Property Manager now includes all options.

I've been working on half of a symmetrical part and wanted to mirror it. I can not find any "Mirror All" option on the Mirror PM. The only way I could see to do it was to select each feature, one by one. This created a mirrored feature called "Mirror1".

But I'm looking at a SWx 2003 model that has a feature called "Mirror All1".

How did they do that???

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D Byrnes
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Select Insert -> Pattern/Mirror -> Mirror. Select the mirror plane. Activate "Bodies to mirror" selection box. Select the body to be mirrored. Click OK to finish.

Hope this helps!


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Heikki Leivo

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