Machining for dummies

Can anyone provide a reference for an all-around machinist handbook?
Something on the level of a "for dummies" book that may provide some of the
basics and more advanced tricks of the trade (mill/lathe setup, general
machining techniques, etc.).
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One of the best sources is the manuals that came with lathes and mills in simpler times.
Out of print, you say? Not so. Reprints at
formatting link
You MUST get their catalog.
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Mike Halloran
There are hundreds of engineering texts that contribute something toward what you ask. A retired mechanical engineer, I found one text that showed a lot of those things you mention:
"Tool & Manufacturing Engineers Handbook", Daniel B. Dallas, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, McGraw-Hill Book Company, ISBN 0-07-059558-5
This is NOT a cheap text and is about 3-1/2" thick. I suggest you examine it at the library before consider buying it. McGraw-Hill had a book club where you could buy engineering texts at a reasonable price. I don't know if it still exists.
Jim Y
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Jim Y

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