Negative values of the Tsai-Wu failure function?

Hi all,

I am using the following failure function inside my own 2D FE code for analysis of laminated composites:

F=(1/Xt-1/Xc)*S11+(1/Yt-1/Yc)*S22 +S11^2/(Xt*Xc)+S22^2/(Yt*Yc)+S12^2/(XY^2) -S11*S22/sqrt(Xt*Xc*Yt*Yc)

where Xc,Yc>0.

I sometimes get negative F values. Numerically, it seems to be possible to have negative F values, however, since the theory is originated from energy based theories, negative F values do not seem to make any sense.

Any thoughts on this?


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Shahriar Setoodeh
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