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Hi All,
I would like to take the Connecticut PE exam, however I need 5 licensed
engineers as references. I presently have one. Would anyone be willing
to be a reference? I can provide some documentation of a twenty year
career in R&D and product development.
Jack McGrath
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I applied for, took & passed the ME PE ~20 years ago. I worked in an industry where licensing was not required & therefore rare.
I used a couple of college profs & my supervisors (non-PE's) & I explained the situation and was allowed to sit for the exam.
I suggest you use supervisors & clients rather than strangers, the references must be familiar w/ you & your work.
If your honest about the situation & get good references you'll be able to sit for the exam
cheers Bob
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That depends on where you are. In some states (ME in particular) the board is quite unbending on the subject-- 3 references MUST be from PEs
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I found an app for CT on the web & it asks for 5 refs (3 of which must be PE's) the app is a rev dated May 02
The requirement for 3 PE's still might be a problem if none of your supervisors / employers were PE's.
cheers Bob
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Maybe consider appyling for licensure in a state that has a reciprocity agreement with yours, then after you receive the PE in that state, apply in yours.
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