Photographing flow

I'm wondering if anyone may be able to help me. I am wanting to
photograph the airflow over a turbine blade being tested in a wind
tunnel, via the attachment of small cotton threads to its surface.
The only way to isolate the blade is to use a stroboscope and I would
like to then take a photo of this, so I have a record of the direction
the cotton threads are being blown in.
I tried today without the strobe, and just using my flash gun. It
wasn't too bad, but a little blurred still from the slow shutter
speed. I've tried also using the bulb setting and letting the strobe
pulse a few times hoping there would be enough light, but this wasn't
very successful either.
If anyway has ever photographed this sort of thing and has some clues
on what I should do, I would be very grateful.
Thanks in advance.
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Dear BuzzyBee:
Use a floodlight to make the lighting very intense. Strobe the camera, and let it autoadjust to the available lighting. Remember that at higher speeds, the mass of a cotton thread will allow it to define a path other than what the air is moving in. You might want to consider a smoke streamer instead...
Google has a lot of really good hints: how to "high speed photography" how to "synchronous photography"
David A. Smith
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