Potted Wire--No Definition Anywhere?

This is outside my field, and I can't seem to find info anywhere. Does
anybody have a definition or description for what a potted wire is?
Thanks for the assistance.
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Linux A. Wannabe PizzaPie
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potted wire:: a wire that has been submerged in a big lump of glue or sealant of some kind. Typically used to seal the point where the wire enters a device. Specialized glues are sold as "potting compound"
not to be confused with potted meat, which is one of the nastiest things on the planet
"Linux A. Wannabe PizzaPie"
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"Linux A. Wannabe PizzaPie"
The original "Spam", the ground "pork" product. The thing Monty Python was actually singing about in the now famous skit.
David A. Smith
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