Questions regarding adjustment screw method & pushnuts from Mcmaster Carr

Hi Everyone,
I would like to ask if anyone could please offer some advise with the
following situation & questions.
Has anyone ever used the type of pushnuts sold by
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part number 94800A710 ? Do they work good ?
You can see pictures of this style of pushnut at this link...
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Mcmaster sells an installation tool as part # 93633A030 but they are
$61.93 each. Is it necessary to use this installation tool or can you
just use a simple steel tube & a hammer for installation ? The price
of the tool seems high for what just looks like a hardened tube with a
plastic knob on it.
I have a # 10-24 socket head cap screw going through a clearance hole
in a flat steel plate. The head of the screw is on one side of the
plate with a delrin thrust washer between the underside of the screw
head and the plate. On the other side of the plate, I have a hex nut on
the screw with a delrin thrust washer between the nut and the plate. I
just snug the nut down to take up any axial play in the screw & when I
install the nut, I put loc-tite on it so that after the loctite dries,
the nut "rotates with" the screw as the screw is rotated, but the screw
cannot translate axially. The screw extends past the nut & is threaded
into a part that moves up and down in response to the clockwise or
counterclockwise rotation of the screw.
The space is very limited & I am using a 5/16" wide small pattern hex
nut on the screw that is only 7/64" high. I could probably fit a 1/8"
high nut in there, but a nut that is any higher would be difficult.
Space is limited both height and width wise. I also need to use a round
I am hoping I can use the .065" thick push-nut and a delrin washer to
replace the existing hex nut. This way, installation will be faster, I
won't have to fool with applying loctite or waiting for it to dry. Do
you think this will work well ?
If anyone has a recommendation for an alternative method or a type or
brand of nut please let me know. I already tried to use small profile
lock-nuts, called "top-lock" nuts by mcmaster carr, but they don't work
well in this application. I could not find any other type of lock nut
that was small enough. The nut presently fits into a flat bottom blind
hole or pocket that has a .453" diameter. I could go to a little larger
diameter, but not much.
Thanks for your help.
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Additional Note:
When I mentioned needing a "round nut", I was referring to the round push-nut, as opposed to the rectangular push-nuts that are available.
The stock small pattern hex nut is fine, I was just looking for a way to avoid using the loc-tite or find a better method of implementing the adjustment screw.
Thanks John
John2005 wrote:
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