Radial stress

I'm trying to determine the stress on a flexible plastic that is loaded radially. I have a drum head that is initially unstressed and when I place it on the drum and tighten the bolts down, the drum pushes up against the head and the drum head develops some stress. For a picture of what I'm taking about check out this link:

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Assume that all the bolts on the drum pull with an equal force and I know what the force is. So with that in mind, can I calculate the stress in the drum head?


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In principle, yes, but you need to know the modulus of the bolts and the head. Since the strain isn't constant across the head, you also need to work out your strain distribution (simple geometry). Then it's just a 2D stress problem at the point you're interested in.

Note, this approach will work on the film drum heads, as in the picture you gave, but won't work on a Kevlar head.


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Tom Sanderson

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