Taber abrasion test

Hi everybody,

I have some resistance to abrasion data on a protective film that I'm planning to use. I wanted to compare those data with the abrasion resistance of mild steel, aluminium, etc...

Does anybody knows where I could find those kind of material properties for common metals?

Thank you!

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Yves Vermette
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A material is abraded when its surface is either

1) deformed or 2) sheared off.

I would just check yield strengths , or

you might even use a value between yield and ultimate for materials of interest.

Brian W

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Brian Whatcott

Yes i agree, but I'm looking to compare Taber abrasion results of different material. I have the taber abrasion resistance of a polyurethane film that I'm planning to use to reduce the wear on a polymer part. The previous "generation" of this part was made of steel... so this is why i wanted to compare the wear resistance of the polymer part with the film to the original resistance of the steel part.

Thank you

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Yves Vermette

Before you get real pumped up over the polyurethane, you might want to check its friction coefficient in your application.


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Mike Halloran

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