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Hello, I am currently contemplating what I should do as my final year project in Mechanical Engineering. I was wondering if anyone had ideas as to what I could do involving a lot of comuter programming. In addition to mech eng, I also love programming, so something combining both would be ideal. If you know of any internet sites where I could find info on this, that would also be helpful. Thanks.

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O'neil Coleman
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How about sorting up a open source front end / mesh generator for adfc (for CFD analysis)?

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When going for a job, it is really good if your CV has credits for a development part in some real software. Open source software is good for this, as the authors names are listed in the work, and can be verified by anyone.

good luck with your studies


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what about mathematical modelling of a chilled water network. you can use matlab to model the flow, temperature, and other variables. i mean you can take up a past project on hvac implementation and model the system.

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I did my project on dilute phase pneumatic conveying and used matlab for iteration of expected results and processing of captured data from a load cell. I used Matlab to linearise the output from my sensor and ultimately calculate mass flow rates.

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