Underwater jets

Are there any methods to evaluate behavior of pressurized jet underwater? I'm trying to evaluate velocities and velocity distribution of jet coming out of a circular nozzle underwater. Any suggestions for equation or model are welcome. Thanks Greg

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Dear geg1633:

You might talk with the folks at Mazzei:

... they make nozzles for this specific purpose, including mixed phase mixing in basins.

David A. Smith

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Are you interested in the velocity distribution immediately at the nozzle exit, or the velocity distribution in the jet as the jet spreads from the exit, or what?

For a jet spreading into an infinite body of fluid (sometimes called a "submerged jet"), if the distance from the nozzle is large compared to the nozzle diameter, then there are some formulae that describe this far-field behavior of the jet.

Olin Perry Norton

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Olin Perry Norton

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