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I'm looking for an X-Y load cell. Max capacity of about 5 lbs. What I'm looking for is something like a joystick that would have no moving parts (not the actual application). The only way I have come up with is by "stacking" two load cells, at 90 degrees to each other. I've got a lot of experience making simple load cells (proof ring, cantilever/bending beam, shear) using strain gages. This one has me puzzled because the low capacity means the strain element is very small physically. I *could* use a square "rod" as a cantilever/bending beam, but it would be difficult to bond the strain gages on because of the size. Two questions - how would the stress/strain relationship (as measured be the strain gages) be affected if a round cantilever? Second - to make it larger physically could a hollow cylinder be used to get a larger diameter? Gotta ask youse guys because I can't find anything on other than rectangular cross-section cantilevers. TIA!

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I would be tempted to try a horizontal square or a circle of steel shimstock, with a strain gage, maybe two stuck underneath and a stick bolted on perpendicular. I might play with making slots in the shim to partition the axes, if necessary

Brian Whatcott Altus, OK

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Brian Whatcott

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