Canidate Material for Camera Chassis.

Pls excuse my english as it is not my first language.
I am Designing and planning on building a simple 120 rollfilm 6x14
camera for my own use.
Whilst it would proably be a cast (bog standard) aluminium and CNC job,
can any readers here think of an material better suited? Copper,
silumin and magnesium alloys seemd to be used in proper prodution
cameras. Also possible of using (god forbid) resins and composites?
I am asking because I am trying to think of different ways I can build
my camera.
Many thanks.
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If you can design the chassis in 3D using some version of MCAD software then you can get an SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) part manufactured for pretty cheap -- less than $200 is my guess. The surface will be a little rough (not terribly rough) but you can get ABS plastic or glass-filled nylon, either one of which is quite durable, and the accuracy will be pretty darn good. Check out
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Mark 'Sporky' Stapleton Charlotte, NC, USA
O K wrote:
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