Cured copper in EdenPURE heaters is unreal, says U.S. Copper Development Association

Web sites for the heavily advertised EdenPURE quartz infrared portable
heaters such as:
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that they use an "amazing heating element" which involves
something called "cured copper".
Now, the Copper Development Association Inc., CDA, is the market
development, engineering and information services arm of the copper
industry, chartered to enhance and expand markets for copper and its
alloys in North America:
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If "cured copper" was something real, then you would expect the CDA to
be helping promote it and thus to sell more copper.
Earlier this year the CDA was asked about cured copper. The question
and their response follow.
I just read an ad for a space heater which contained the following:
'Cured copper is a type of copper that goes through an extensive
heating process to give it special properties'.
Do you have any idea what they mean?
They mean that cured copper has the property of storing large amounts
of heat.
In our opinion, it is not possible to do that to copper. (Tony
Also, in October 2007 Consumer Reports magazine tested sixteen
electric portable space heaters, most of which draw 1500 watts. Go to
your friendly local public library and read their report on pages 32
and 33. The 1500-watt EdenPURE Quartz Infrared 1000 tied for last
place (15 or 16 out of 16). So their "amazing heating element" hardly
delivers amazing results in comparative tests.
Pittsburgh Pete
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Thanks for the research and insight, Pete.
Every year, these dumb advertisements show up at the start of the cold season selling some form of a miracle heater. All powered by electricity, of course.
The "Cured Copper" is one of many scams involved.
The copper never was 'sick' in the first place, so the "cure" means nothing.
These scams work, they have gone on every year for more than a generation.
In the home, Americans still seek technological miracles. And they are willing to pay highly for them. Even if they are impossible.
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The EdenPURE ad and website claim that the Model 1000-XL "heats a room of up to 1000 square feet". That is an unreasonable claim. If you want some real advice on sizing a heater, just go to the McMaster Carr wholesale hardware website at:
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and put "portable electric heaters" into the search box.
The EdenPURE is good example of the "boom box" or (for old-timers) "console radio" marketing fallacy that a bigger cabinet and higher price obviously means a better product. There are only two positive things I can say about it. One is that it is a "zero clearance" design (the ad shows a cat sitting on top of it). The other is that it is relatively attractive compared to most other 1500 watt heaters, but for that price it should be. For the same money you could buy a half dozen portable heaters at any big box store.
If you want a 1500 watt heater that is relatively safe and has a good fan to circulate the air around a room, then you also can go to Lowes and get a nice looking Reiker ceiling fan for $350 with a built-in 1500 watt heater. It is not portable but it will be out of the way and also will be useful in the summer.
Pittsburgh Pete
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