What the heck is cured copper?

My daily paper once again ran a full-page ad for the EdenPURE Quartz
Infrared Portable Heater. The explanation for how this marvelous gizmo
allegedly works is pure Star Wars (movie) hocus-pocus.
It supposedly involves the use of "cured copper" which is "a type of
copper that goes through an extensive heating process to give it
special properties".
Can anyone tell me how you cure copper? Do you just smoke it like a
fish, or do you first need to marinate it in brine (perhaps with
whisky added)?
Here is how they claim their heater works. See:
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"Electricity ignites the powerful quartz infrared lamp...The quartz
infrared lamp gently warms the patented cured copper tubes without
combustion... Heat from the copper tubes rides the humidity in the room,
providing moist, soft heat without reducing oxygen or humidity."
Pittsburgh Pete
We do not believe what we write, and neither should you. Information
furnished to you is for topical (external) use only. This information
may not be worth any more than either a groundhog turd, or what you
paid for it (nothing). The author may not even have been either sane
or sober when he wrote it down. Do not worry, be happy.
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This is an old story:
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According to edenpure who make it:
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"Cured copper is a type of copper that goes through an extensive heating process to give it special properties"
So yes it's obiously heated in a special manner which may include burning old oak trees. ( I always thought that was called Annealing or hardening ?)
If it is ignited then it's burning isn't it?
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However i believe Quratz can't burn, it starts to melt at 1683C
Intersting article:
11. What are the Pros & Cons of CDM vs. Quartz? This is perhaps one of our most commonly asked questions. Ceramic Metal Halide, better known as CDM or CMH is a high output, low wattage lamp source which utilizes an electronic ballast. Depending on the type of unit in question a 150-watt CDM product may equal or exceed the output of 750-1000 watt quartz unit. Lower wattage high light output is the key to CDM. Due to a high color rendering (CRI) of 85+, CDM products make fantastic themed architectural products. In addition, the CDM product has a lamp life of 6,000-12,000 hours where Quartz has between 300-4000 hours. Though quartz lamps may use more energy and burn hotter, they do have some key advantages. Quartz has the ability to dim from 0-100%; CDM does not. Quartz products do not require the use of a ballast therefore they tend to be almost half the price of their CDM counterparts. Although lamp life is shorter, the replacement lamp cost is also less. We at Altman are pleased to be able to offer both CDM and quartz options, along with a Quartz to CDM retrofit kit.
The bumph on there site is a laugh, basically most of it is comparing gas/combustin burners with electric ones, as it's not gas it isn't burning, not not using up oxygen etc. Basically whatthis is is Qaurtz lamps inside copper tubes to spread the heat, put in an oversized box so it isn't likely to get to hot on the outside. The have a very interesting concept of something that does not get hot yet gives out heat !! Ok first they say "Does not get hot" Then they say "It does not get hot enough to ignite anything" There must be plenty of substances that don't require a high temperature to ignite :-)
Anyway it's old hat, there are more effecient heaters than that.
However it reminds me of a comment made to me by a workmate last week. He asked me if i'd heard of the new LCD Televison screens. He'd been shopping somewhere and read some bumph which went as follows: "Our LCD panels are unique and offer a much better picture than other manufacturers, this is because our screens combine LCD technolodgy with TFT Technology" He had seen these and was convinced it was special, so convinced he'd buy it, i can only think that the shop deliberatly altered the pictures on the others to make this one look good as LCD panels have used TFT for years, no one makes anything else because there is no better yet.
It's the same ploy used by car manufacturers to sell cars, instead of saying 1600occ they say 16 valve, yet 16 valve engines were around a long time before someone had the bright idea of pointing it out as a sales gimmick.
Likewise CPU manufacterers invented a new way of stating proccessor speed, higher numbers sound better !
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Grimly Fiendish
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Yes, it is an old story. What is new is that in October 2007 Consumer Reports magazine tested the EdenPure Quartz Infrared 1000 along with fifteen other electric space heaters. The EdenPure tied for worst performance in their ratings. So, it probably needed a redesign.
After rereading the Edenpure ad, I conclude that the medium used to heat the copper is more likely horse manure (spewed by the marketing department) than burning old oak trees as you suggest.
Pittsburgh Pete.
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Quite, bullshit is usually a good sign of a crap product, people who make make good pruducts don't need to bullshit, nor i'm some cases do they need to advertise that much by comparison.
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