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For disposal at a reasonable price. We have a Vickers M55 Metallurgical
projection microscope, in excellent condition and which has been very
carefully used in our test labs.
Unit is desk mounted and comes with many extras incl full range macro and
microstructure objective lenses, microhardness tester, Polaroid print and
35mm film adaptors, with transmitted and polarised light. Spare Xenon lamps
etc etc
Can arrange for an appropriate box for sea freight shipment overseas as
Suitable for 230-240V AC 50/60Hz power supply.
Sandy Cochrane (Mr)
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sandy cochrane
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Wow, a collectors item! If I remember right that is a vintage and veteran unit, perhaps fifty years old. They used to cost as much as a Buick (or Rover) automobile. Carnegie Tech had theirs buried in the bowels of Doherty Hall. It had a 5x7" camera using a clever zoom projection system with a rotating mirror located below waist level in a box. It also had a pair of polished wooden armrests like a naval periscope.
There is a picture of a Projection Microscope posted under Vickers at Toronto Scientific and Surplus:
formatting link
You might also try posting on another group, sci.techniques.microscopy, and contacting microscope clubs or museums. Good luck!
Pittsburgh Pete
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