We have Plasma!

The Plasma cutter I ordered at this years Sun-N-Fun Fly-in finally
arrived today!
There was a little setup to do. I had to dig out my desicant/filter for
my Spray gun and make up an adapter cable from the unit to the wall (50
amp 230V). Having made the trip to my local commercial electrical supply
I managed to get everything I need.
Well I tried my hand at cutting some angle iron. Free hand it cuts every
little motion of your hand. I then tried with a strait edge and got a
good cut the first time. Wow I am impressed. As good as the chop saw.
I ended up buying the Miller Spectrum 375 at a fairly good price. Drop
shipped to my door.
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Michelle P
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Michelle P wrote in news:Qrdqc.4987$ snipped-for-privacy@newsread2.news.pas.earthlink.net:
Yup, ever since I lucked in to my Pakmaster 75, I've been spoiled. I gave $350 for it and put about a days work into getting it up and running again. Great toy, er a machine. I rarely break out the torches any more though they have their place.
I still get some dross on the bottom of the cut, still a little inexperienced. Marty
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Marty Escarcega
How much was this "electric scissors" gizmo you got ? This may be a stupid question, but does anyone know if its possible to make a home-mae plasma cutter out of maybe an old TIG torch, and compressed air hose or something like that ? P.C.'s are nice, I know, but dag nabit the're expensive, and don't appear to be coming down in price either.
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Mr Wizzard
the whole thing including stand off rollers, a circle cutting guide, and 5 extra sets of cutting consumable was $1100.
Mr Wizzard wrote:
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Michelle P

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