Hello All,
I have been reading messages on here for a while, and noticed that
every once in a while someone will have some questions about deburring.
I work for a manufacturer of deburring machines and can probably answer
some of those for you. I will not put any company info as this is not
an advertisment or offer to sell anything.
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Cool thanks. :)
Bet you know at least one more thing about metal that might come in handy here too huh? ;)
What I want is a couple feet of F1, F2, F3 or O7 tool steel for use in homemade knife blades. Anybody got a suggestion where I should start?
All I know about de-burring is what I've figured out from using my Norton 6" XHD deburring wheels... for everything I can! ;)
Alvin in AZ (hobby knifemaker)
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Thanks but, low alloy medium carbon steel won't do for the type of knives I like to make. :)
I'm looking for some O7 or F2 tool steel in "sample" quanities.
F2: 1.25%C .25%Mn .25%Si 3.5%W and-> .30%Mo (or) .30%Cr (ASM type 340)
O7: 1.2%C .25%Mn .25%Si 1.6%W .60%Cr .20%V and-> (optional) .25%Mo (ASM type 413)
For a pocket knife type blade they would take and hold an edge like high speed steel, except that I could heat (and cold) treat it myself. Or at least that's the plan. ;)
Where can a guy get special tool steels like that? :)
Alvin in AZ
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