machining 356 aluminum casting

Many aluminums (and other materials) require stress annealing after
bulk machining and prior to a finish machining. I have not been able
to find anything one way or the other regarding this material. Does
anyone have an answer? If the answer is yes, what are the annealing
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I found the following information in a couple of old books:
ALCAN, "Heat Treating Aluminium" : "Castings that are used in applications involving elevated temperature or where extremely close machining tolerances are necesarry may require a stress-relieving and degrowthing treatment which involves heating the casting at a temperature of 280°C (536°F) for 10 hours"
Reynolds Metals Company, "CASTING Aluminium, Table 19": "Stress relieving of Die Castings to reduce internal stress 350-500°F for 4-6 hours and cool in still air"
Neither of the books give anything on heat treating of specific alloys.
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