356 Cast Aluminum Welding

I'm looking for some feedback on welding an engine oil pan, it's made of cast 356 aluminum I believe. I had to cust a section out and now need to weld it back up. Any info on the best process and type of aluminum I should use to make the patch piece? Also wondering if clamping it to another oil pan gasket surface to gasket surface would be good enough to prevent warping? Thanks!

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If its been used, your main problem willl be getting it clean.

Degreasing then steam cleaning is a good start, then long slow heat in an oven would make things a lot easier.

Cracked sumps are not that difficult to repair, but cracking may well be a problem if you are trying to replace a larger section.

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4047 filler wire is you best bet. Good stuff for repairing castings.

You will likely have to run the welds a few times. Each time more impurities should boil out.

Just grind out the bad spots with a coarse carbide burr on a die grinder.

Bolt the whole piece to a large steel plate to fight warpage. Preheat the piece to around 500 degF, then weld the crack using as little heat as possible. Then slow cool by wrapping in insulation.

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