welding cast aluminum?

Mid 1940's Buffalo drill press cowling tipped over and broke apart.
Approx. 1/4" cast aluminum, into about 6 pieces. Would you TIG it or maybe
one of those aluminum brazing processes? I've ordered some of that hts 2000
rod just for fun.
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ben carter
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I would personally try to Tig it, since I find that easier than the AL brazing stuff. It all depends on if you want to try to finish it perfectly in the end, or just wack it together. If I wanted to try to get it perfect, I would Tig it, then start metalfinishing....
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Ouch. I suggest tacking it together somehow and using the result as a pattern to have someone cast you a new one.
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Grant Erwin
It can be TIG welded.
The best generally available aluminum TIG rod for castings in 4047. It is not always easy to find. I have a stock of it.
All parts have to be cleaned as good as possible.
The trick is to tack weld the pieces together so the whole piece is reassembled. Take a die grinder with a narrow carbide burr and grind out the crack, leaving bridges where your tacks are.
Preheat the whole piece in your kitchen oven to about 500 degF.
Lay in short stitch welds about 1 inch long, moving around the whole piece to break up the heat. Try to keep the piece from cooling down too much by keeping it wrapped in a wool blanket, only exposing the area you are welding.
Once you have all the ground areas welded up, grind out the tacks and finish the welds. Put the piece back in the oven and return it to 500 degF. Then turn off the oven and let it cool inside slowly.
BTW this is the same procedure for welding cast iron and cast bronze.
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Ernie Leimkuhler

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