Materials job outlooks?

I am a sophomore Materials Science and Engineering student and I have been
poking around the Internet looking at the job opportunities available in
materials science fields. I haven't found a whole bunch, and I was
wondering if anyone who works in the materials field can give me their
opinion of the materials job market. Is it worth my continuing on with my
current major (which I love), or does it suck so bad that I need to consider
alternatives? Thanks in advance for your help.
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Jim Painter
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Most jobs aren't advertised. Using that "network" is important. I must say that most of my jobs were not advertised. It's expensive so companies don't usually bother. These days, employees get a "referral" fee for finding a good employee too, so don't be afraid. It's a win-win situation.
Inquire about internships at any and every company that's in your field. If you could afford it, volunteering sometimes help, which may later lead to a paid position in the future. And join and go to those ASM meetings/events.
I've found that if you love your work, excel in your position, eventually you will gain the experience and reputation such that people will come looking for you.
Good luck, Mel
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Melissa Tan
Mel made good points especially the ASM, you will meet your contacts there that will help. I am a foreman in an FAA repair station , we have all Vacuum heat treat, a Met Lab and Alloy room for braze prep. I currently have a young man as summer help who is in college for his Metallurgy B.S. and we just hired a guy to train as a foreman with absolutely no experience but he has a Chemical Science degree. Our person in charge of alloy room has the degree you are going for and I would say since our Quality assurance guy is 63 and wont be there forever a person like you will be hired for that position in the future. The jobs are there and one thing about this field is that when you get older and more experienced you are even more valuable and desirable as a candidate for hire unlike some fields where age is a curse and being over 40 or 50 can assure you a long stand in the unemployment line. Stick with it, the low tech jobs are going to China and high tech is where the jobs of the future will be here in the USA. We do aircraft, medical, & nuclear work and things are going good with our company and alot of our good customers will be hiring people like you in the future too since many have their own met labs and engineering dept's. Good Luck
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