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Hi All,
As a person who wants to get into the design/analysis industry and a
master's degree and about 2 years of academic experience teaching, using sw
and cosmos, I'd like to know from you all in the industry on how the job
scene is and any tips/suggestions on how to get a foot into the door! I
apologize if this is an out of context question but I can't think of a
better place or a better bunch of people to whom I can address this
question. Thanks in advance
Mahavir Nagaraj
Graduate Student
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Texas A&M University,College Station,TX 77843-3123
Ph: (979)862-8009, (979)739-6151
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You should have no problems getting into "real world" with you qualifications, Try the big company's like Ford's. In a small company you will have budget restrictions that will hold you back,just look at the price of software and you will see what I mean. We had someone who had the same background as yourself and he got so frustrated that in the end he left. When he was at Uni he had all of the help and software that he needed and found it very hard when the same was not available when he started to work in the "real world" of directors, cash flows and managers. Also many company's do not work in the same way as you may have learnt and trying to get them to change, even if it for the better, is no mean feat! Even I have found that out! The guy in question had a choice of Ford's or our small company and chose us because he wanted a challenge, which in the end he couldn't meet head on. I'm not trying to put you off small companies, Just trying to give some useful, (hopefully), insight to what that I have witnessed.
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nice to hear some optimism although my job search thus far has led me to only one interview. I know what you mean by the big company vs. small company issue. I experienced the same issue on a minor scale here too. Thankfully,it was resolved after a few weeks. I appreciate your insights. Thanks
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