HELP - corrupted user file

I just crashed out of Solidworks 2001+. When trying to re-boot & re-start
the prog crashes. Continuously!
If I log in as a different user it starts just fine.
Where is my user file so that I can reset it so I can open it back up? user
Thanks for any help. I have already tried to do a re-install. and allowed it
to just to upgrade. but no good.
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Have you tried to delete the folder HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Solidworks in the regedit?
This will reset your personal settuings, and schould solve your problem.
Best regards Jess G. Frandsen
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Jess G. Frandsen
Before deleting it, I would rename it to make sure.
See my tips at my site -
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Regards, Scott
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Thank you Jess & Scott
You saved me a lot of hassles wiping everything out! And I have now bookmarked your site Scott!
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