Error occured during the move data process

Does anyone know why I keep getting this error when I try to upgrade from
2001 plus to 2003 sp3. I have tried to install 2003 by upgrading from the
installed SW 2001 and I have also tried to completely uninstall 2001plus and
reinstall 2003 from a clean slate. No luck. The error I receive is "error
occurred during the move data process -2147418113"
Can anybody make a recommendation? If so, can you please respond here or to
my email.
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This may be worth a try, Copy the cd's to the hard disk, (if yours is big enough!), and try installing from there. I had a similar problem with disk two, not reading correctly from the internal Cdrom drive on any machine but read ok from an external usb2 Cdrom!!
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I am running Windows 2000 Prof. on a P3 with 1.0Ghz and 1.0G of ram. Thanks for your reply
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