damn that f**king wi (and new service packs)

thank you, people at swx.
i love you. i really love you. and this love comes from the deep of my
i waited until now to install swx2004 because i didn't want to waste
more cpu-time than i did until last week, but unfortunately $luser ran
a mydoom-infected executable and i had to clean the lan.
then, i decided to do a fresh complete install of our workstations and
moved from swx2003 to 2004sp0. "i'll install immediately sp3 as soon
as install finishes", i said.
said. done.
installed swx2004. first question: what the heck does it do with 1gb
of disk space --plaing swx, no pw2 or whatever else--? swx2004 is able
to do *nothing* useful more than 2003 --as i stated in earlier posts
after the swx2004 open house @my var's-- but takes 3 times of disk
space. my compliments. of course, installing takes ages... hope to
finish upgrading to swx2005 before next glacial age...
then i had to install service pack 3.0. somebody should please explain
me why the service pack asks me cd1. then cd2. then cd3. then cd1.
then cd3. then i'd like to know what has passed in the brain damaged
heads of swx's programmers when they decided this way of upgrading
setups... god... and what about *need of 1gb of free space to install
a service pack*
? can somebody point me out where it's written there is
at least 1 reasonable reason for which you may need to have as much
space taken by swx to install a service pack?
considering the stupid features swx added in the latest versions, i
was beginning thinking we were next to the worst their minds may think
at, but i'm changing idea and thinking that at the worse there is no
end. even if this seem to be next to it.
oohooh... sure, i may copy setup cds on a server and do a network
install. no problem. and what when a server changes name or a hard
disk crashes? good guess... i tried it, too.
swx's luck is that we have thousands and thousands of documents made
with earlier versions and there is no effective way to convert them to
a different format, because if only there was a way to burn swx, this
would be the first thing we would do.
all of this is almost free: we pay only some thousands of euros per
seat every year for support and subscription.
i should go to las vegas and pay a couple of girls with that money. it
would be worth it, at least.
thank you for your time.
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Gianni Rondinini
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Isn't the WI wonderfull !!! Such an improvement over Install Shield.
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I think WI is open source now.
You could always write your own installer. :)
-nick e.
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Nick E.
Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. Here this may help...
formatting link
Mike Wilson
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Mike J. Wilson
i'll have a look as soon as i finish setting up things. thank you in advance.
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Gianni Rondinini
I feel for ya, Bro! Swx used to be a nice little program. Not the case anymore. I'm going back to Pro-E before we make any more swx documents that can't be converted. ~Barry~
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