Nitralloy 135M

If someone would be so kind as to offer a layman's definition of
Nitralloy 135M I would appreciate it. I've googled as best I could and
cannot find anything useful. I am primarily interested in its
"grind-ability" properties.
Thanks in advance.
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Nitralloy 135 is a low-alloy steel optimized for nitriding. Nitrifing will create a very hard but thin surface case layer. Nitriding is useful when quenching a steel to temper it would cause distortion or warping.
It is specified by AMS 6470 or 6472.
Nitriding process and parameters are available in AMS 2759/6.
Results from grinding will be similar to any case-hardened material. The hard case is difficult to grind. The case is thin, so extensive grinding will wear through the case.
What else do you need to know?
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Harry Andreas
Thanks for your response.
Nitralloy 135M is a "generic" name for *any* low-alloy steel optimized for nitriding or is there a specific composition?
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No, 135 is a specific alloy w. specific composition. UNS K24065
CArbon .38-.43 Manganese .5-.8 Silicon .2-.4 Phosphorus .025 max Sulfer .025 max Chromium 1.40-1.80 Molybdenum .30-.40 Aluminum .95-1.30 Nickel .25 max Copper .35 max
It can be hardened by conventional methods before nitriding (AMS6472) or nitrided as received (AMS6470)
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Harry Andreas

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