[OT][perhaps] what is the better steel for a sword

Using steel, weight depends almost just on geometry. Maximum hardness depends mostly on carbon content. But you need toughness as well.

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I don't know if this is the right newsgroup for this kind of questions. But I wished to ask you which type of steel is better for a sword. Naturally considering the relationship between weight and 'hardness'.

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Just a couple weeks ago my metallurgy instructor was asked- "which stainless steel would be best for a sword?"

"as a wall hanger or what?"

"no, it needs to be able to handle some sword to sword hits"

I butted in and said- "none of the above!:)" (I'm your basic stainless steel hater)

The metallurgy instructor laughed and said- "in that case 4360 made of lower bainite"

I butted in again and asked- "where in the heck do you get 4360?" "how about L6 (4370) that can be had from Admiral Steel for cheap, would it be as strong as 4360?"

"yep, just a little harder is all"

Any comments? (your chance to butt-in;)

Alvin in AZ ps-

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it sez the L6 is 3/16" thick but it's really .224"

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try this:

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