Real Time Temperature Measurement for Blast Furnace

What would be the Ideal solution for a Dip Thermometer (by Dip I would
meant a probe that would be in constant contact with what ever I wanna
measure the temperature of in a furnace) as a permanent installation so
I can get REAL TIME temperature.
Hmm... this would be for a lead furnace... so I guess 1000 Degrees
celcius would be the temperature of operation atleast... :)
And as for accuracy well say 50 degreees offset wouldnt do any harm I
Another solution I could think of was to drill a hole in the furnace
wall and get the probe to be close to the furnace insides. I know there
would be a certain offset... but what the hell :)
If theres anyother solution let me know. Cause something tells me the
DIP would mean that Id be losing the probe even after a sheeth in about
a few months.
I know of the hazards of lead, and all trhe legal requirements and
stuff and am looking into them as well...
Just wondering what else can I do as a solution for temperature
measurement in Real Time???
Thanks in advance,
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Tajinder Malhi
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Check out using graphite rod as resistor (non-linear) of covering for thermocouple.
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