seek small gold smelter personal use

I have 2 pounds of scrap gold, 14 & 18kt I would like to smelt at home
for resale. Dealers offered 85-90% of gold content and you do not know
if you are getting a straight count. Are there inexpensive methods to
refine this scrap into pure gold.
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Such a little beast exists. It's called a Turbo Smelter and operates out of propane. It's made in Canada by Mill Ore Industries, Timmins Ontario. Here is their link:
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Hope this helps
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Jean-Paul Roy
I think the real question was about purifying the scrap. It is simple to melt gold in a crucible with an OA torch, but you don't know what alloys you're dealing with. If you try to sell re-melted gold, you will be required to furnish a certified assay. There are two common ways to purify it. Chemical solution and selective precipitation; and electrolytic deposition. Neither way is cheap. Bugs
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Get a quote to smelt, refine and certify assay from these guys. It would seem to me that you're going to have to provide an assay to a serious buyer in any case. You'll recover your costs from the buyer with increased confidence. -Mike
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We have been using Hallmark Refining for many, many years and always found them to be honest, pleasant and efficient.
We generate a lot of scrap containing silver. Since we melt metal and work with chemical treatments of metal I have looked at both approaches over the years. I pretty well determined that it would be a lot of money and work for a product that would be unsaleable.
It would be fun to do.
Hallmark Refining Corporation 1016 Dale Lane Mt. Vernon, WA 98273 (800) 255-1895 (360) 428-5880 (360) 424-8118 FAX
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You need to do some research on the specific alloys, and what is in them. You should be able to use acid to burn out some of the base metals, then melt it in a crucible with oxy-acetylene to burn off the remaining traces. If it has a lot of silver or platinum in it, then that may be harder to separate out.
I've been doing some reclamation of electronic scrap (24 Kt gold plated onto essentially pure base metals) which is an entirely different process. I've been using Technic's Tecni-strip AU to selectively remove the gold without attacking the base metals, and it works great. I have recovered about 10 grams of gold so far, and I'm just getting started with the process.
snipped-for-privacy@veriz>I have 2 pounds of scrap gold, 14 & 18kt I would like to smelt at home
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