Shadowgraph inspection projector

Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen,
I work for a Company in the UK supplying replacement parts for industrial
Diesel engines.
A critical component is the piston ring, where the profile is of extreme
We are looking for a Shadowgraph type of profile projector to enable the
shape of the cross-section to be measured for relevant linear dimensions and
The rings have diameters ranging from 95 mm to 170 mm and cross-sections of,
typically, 4 by 5 mm maximum.
We would prefer measurements to be non-detructive but, as a last resort, the
rings could be cut to fit into the instrument.
A Bench instrument would be preferred but a floor standing model would also
be of interest.
Also, the preferred type of instrument would be Vertical rather than
Horizontal and should have a capability for shadow illumination from below
as well as direct illumination of the cross-section surface.
Finally, we would prefer the machine to be located in the UK but we also
have group companies in the USA, Italy, India and Singapore and so
transportation need not be a problem.
We do not wish the instrument to have advanced electronic instrumentation,
just a simple, graduated X-Y traversing with a rotatable projection screen.
Pre-owned would be preferred, cost being a major consideration.
Please can anybody give me some suggestions on the availability of this type
of thing?
Thanks for listening,
ever hopeful,
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