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July 7,2003
Subject: Request for a PhD Project
Dear Prof.
I am working on my PhD in Khajeh Nasir University of Tehran. I have a
Bachelor degree in Mechanics of Solids (1992) and a Master degree in
Mechanics of Manufacturing (1996), both degrees are from the
Polytechnic University of Tehran. I have completed courses in
Composites , Heat Treatment , Mechanical Metallurgy, Shape Memory
Alloys ,Nondestructive Testing and Fracture Mechanics.
I am going to pass my PhD Qualifying Exam Wednesday. I can also go to
abroad (let say January 2004 or at most one term later) for my
sabbatical. I will be covered for expenses for one term by my
University, but if the university that I go there, accepts the costs
of my research. I like to do my project in Composites having Shape
Memory Alloys, I decided to ask you if you could offer me any project
at the above subject.
Let me introduce myself briefly, I have also translated a few books
from English to Persian like, Statics by McLean and Nelson, Dynamics
of Machines by Soni, Differential Equation by Bronson, Internal
Combustion Engines by Rogofski, and Physics (part of Mechanics) by
Halliday. I have also made a wheel chair for handicaps that can move
up and down the stairs(that is a patent), and I have also worked on a
safety car chair that reduces the probability of cutting the spinal
cord by 400 percent. Moreover, I have experience in lecturing in some
of our universities, especially The Shahid Rajaie University of Tehran
for 20 terms now. I have lectured these courses: Statics, Dynamics of
Machines, Differential Equations, Engineering Drawing, AutoCAD, and
Machine Workshop.
Finally, I want to like to introduce my project supervisors: Dr. Ali
Shokoohfar, who has a post Doctoral from M.I.T. University, and his
supervisor was Prof. M.C. Flemings and Dr. Mohammad Reza Khalili, who
has a Ph.D. degree from I.I.T. Delhi , and his supervisor was Prof.
R.K. Mitall.

I hope to hear from you soon, so I could try to start processing my
application for my sabbatical. Please accept my sincere thanks for
your time and consideration.

Framarz Ashenai Ghasemi
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