Stress corrosion on Al alloy 6082-T6 ?

Hi All
I just wanto to ask if someone has ever experienced stress corrosion
on Aluminium 6082-T6 alloy.
I am working on a strange problem, where I have a component made of
this alloy and a breakage occurs in a zone where there is an high
tensile stress (normal environment, no strange attacks or conditions
The fracture surface is fatigue similar (there is a black pit and next
some oxide waves propagating till critic section).
I had some component analyzed by a laboratory and they said this is
only fatigue because they did not find any corroding attack...but in
my opinion they were not sure about it !
What do you think ?
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I don't have what you seek, but the 6xxx series is a Magnesium Silicide Aluminum Wrought Product.
It is stated as a medium strength.
- See if you can find a "Metals Handbook" in the Library. ASMI The materials Information Society puts it out. Martin
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Martin H. Eastburn

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