Kind forward of a reply on sci.geo.geology to a typical Gogologist !


You are completely going astray tackling that type of problem, Mate !

Why should you learn about such complex things from the very few True Geologists around, while unable to tackle the most simple matter like

1) Machining of a single silicate (all of them) rounded pebble ( Trillions of that type of all size up to 10 m dia.) 2) Erosion of straight faces in the mountains, going in all azimuth indeed. Do you think any engineer, unless completely mad, would use Ice to carry on such work ? But you the completely tradeless in Industrial process, the crude ignorant of Engineering Methods, the Unlearnt in the science of Material Strength, the most horrid stupid, imbeciles, ignorant simpleton Gogologists, masquerading now as Geologists now, YOU DO venture indeed to explain those processus ??? Come on bloody nuts .... go and learn to do some real work with a lathe, a punching machine and of course with a pick and shovel ! 3) The " CYCLONIC GRANULOMETRIC PATTERN OF PLEISTOCENE SEDIMENTATION " which you bloody Gogologists fools are not even to perceive and map

Please get away from that field of Geology, you the definitive Oxford, MIT, ANU etc Gogological Frauds ! True Geology is a restricted / danger area which belongs to Physicist, Engineers and True Geologists indeed !!! ... and not to uncultured sectarians Toroh, Konar & Biball hooked fools !

We the True Geologists are truly sick of your fraudulent sci000nce rear battle ... Surrender bloody fools, we are just going to laminate you all ! Look, your poor brain is completely rotten ...just like your most horrid Theories ! ... and you are not even able to see it !


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ncp wrote: ...(clip a load of off-topic drivel)...

Arrogance is the one Truly cosmic sin . . . for which you should never be forgiven. God will forgive me my ignorance, but your arrogance is an effront to Him and everyone who reads this newsgroup, as well as the newsgroups to which you've cross posted.

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