How to wire Instron Fast Track to induction furnace to switch off the furnace?

Hi, I use Instron FastTrack8800 for LCF tests, the heating device is one induction furnace from Huttinger. I want to wire those systems together so that when a test is done, the heating will be switched off. On the furnace I use terminal X2 and its two contacts with 24VDC which has to be interupted to switch off the furnace. My question is what to use from FastTrak8800? Digital i/o? Which voltage and current is on the digital i/o? What should I choose on the MMI? The Fast Track should not be controlled by the induction furnace or controll the furnace, only send a signal to the furnace when test is finished and switch it off via a relay. I will be grateful if anybody can give me a clue. Thanks, Seta

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