Are the little protruding "tape readers" on the edges of the DAT/VCR
HEAD Glued on or Soldered on Etc.?????
Since I think manual cleaning of DAT/VCR Heads are the cleanest and
most efficient, they would alter the chemistry of the Glued on little
*protruding "tape readers"*......which would explain a few things...
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It is not clear from your post exactly what you are asking and i'm not sure what this post has to do with metallurgy but you should use a proprietry Video head cleaner or Isopropyl Alchohol (which is the main ingredient in most such cleaning fluids), it's possible to use methylated spirits and possibly other alchohol based cleaners but i wouldn't recommend it, do not use petroleum products and use lint free clothes, whilst the heads may not be glued they do contian parts such as plastics, enamels and varnish that may be damaged by such solvents and may smear onto the head, if glue is used it's usually resin based and is unlikely to be affected much by anything.
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