What are the most common deseases of a metallurgist?

I'm a college student and i need to know what are the most common
deseases of a metallurgist. Please i need help for this work, thanks in
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They often die young. Through asking stupid questions of older metallurgists who are suffering from IBS*.
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Chris H
Being a wise ass!
Diamond Jim,
A good metallurgist can look into the steel blue eyes of a platinum blond and instantly tell if he is looking at virgin metal or common ore.
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Diamond Jim
Metallurgists get "red lung" from inhaling too much iron oxide dust. Some get "white lung" from all the alumina used during polishing samples. (The latter should not be confused with those metallurgists who snort white dust from a table.) Fingerprints can be worn down quite a bit from holding samples that are very small during polishing processing. Chronic complaining often occurs due to the lack of participation by metallurgists in the material selection process (usually done by mechanical/electrical designers). This leads to frequent shaking of the head from left to right causing sore muscles.
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Atlas Shrugged
I would find reports such as:
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Mortality in Washington State 1950 - 1989
and go by occupations. E.g. smelter, nuclear, etc.
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