what is gear oil additive performance in modern engine?

Automotive gear oil additives are mainly used in lubricating transmission,drive axle gear and drive mechanism. Most gear oil color are deep black. Distillate type hyperbolic gear oil is usually yellow-green and deep brownish. Classification is from GL-1 to GL-6, the greater the number, the higher the quality. GL-4 can satisfy general car requirement. Viscosity based on SAE divide into 70W,75W,80W,90,140,250 total six grade, front 4 types are adapted in low temperature work. Now there exists a lot of new types gear lubricant oil, they can be used in both low temperature and high temperature. for example American HD lubricant additive, viscosity SAE 80W/90. Modern vehicles have high requirement of gear oil, gear oil must be used strictly as specified requirement, otherwise it will reduce the gear unit life, even cause earlier damage. Gear oil additive is with gear oil to improve gear unit performance. Gear oil additive can be used to improve antioxidation, antiwear,antirust performance. we are the manufacturer of lubricant additive, including gear oil additive, engine oil additive, hydraulic oil additive ,ATF additive,etc. contact us: snipped-for-privacy@skychem.net.cn

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