24volt starter on 30 kW generator changing to diesel

I just purchased a 30kW Kohler generator with 4 cylinder Hercules G-2300 powered by natural gas. A 24 volt motor on the end of the generator turns the motor to start it and charges the battery. What are the chances that this starter will be powerful enough to start a VW diesel engine?

There is no bearing at the engine end of the generator, the generator shaft is coupled directly to the flywheel. Will the main bearing in the VW engine be able to handle the weight of this arrangment?

I appreciate any opinions on these matters as I am thinking of reselling the unit and finding something more suitable to convert.


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There's not much to go on, but my first impression would be that I doubt it. If the VW engine is tight and it's cold out, it will take some serious torque to crank it over. Why don't you use the existing VW starter, a 12 volt battery, and an inexpensive charger running off of the generated 120 VAC? The wiring would be trivial.

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Jim Stewart

Sounds like the Dynastart on the NSU Sport Prinz I had many years ago. It would not even start (spin) the 2 cyl engine in the cold PA winters. ...lew...

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Lewis Hartswick

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