8520 Clausing vs BP

I already have a full size J Head Bridgeport. My workplace is silent
auctioning a very nice little Clausing 8520 mill. Only one collet(M2,
but I have a full set at home). Comes with a manual, and small vice.
The question: Does this little mill offer me anything over my
If I had something fixtured up on the BP I wouldn't have to change it,
but being a hobbyist, this is not a huge concern.
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Space? (If you replace rather than augment your Bridgeport).
Convenience (if you already have something set up on the Bridgeport, and you need to make an extra part for the fixture.
Slightly lower power consumption?
Perhaps a little easier to use for small workpieces and cutters?
Particularly nice, if you need to make a part to repair the Bridgeport.
You could get a reasonable amount of money for it, if you wanted to sell it to another hobbyist who has less space.
How much space do you have? Enough to handle both the Bridgy and the Clausing?
Good Luck, DoN.
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DoN. Nichols
I have considered the option of purchasing for the only real intent of reselling it. I would feel a little guilty about buying it just for that reason. I know two other employees are looking at it pretty intently and I would feel bad about reselling it underneath them.
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I really like my 8520 but am hard pressed to see any advantages of it over a Bridgeport especially one you already have.
The 8520 would make a dandy drill press or tapping station, though.
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Mike Henry
Whereabouts are you located, I'm in the market for a good 8520...
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Terry Keeley

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