A Bit of a Gloat

I responded to an ad about some endmills for sale. Ended up buying about a
hundred endmills from 1/8" to an inch in dia, up to 9" long, one solid
carbide 1", a bunch of odd ball end and bearing ended mills, 20 or so
reamers, one with carbide inserts, a box of rounover shaper/router cutters.
Most look new or very good. Also got two FASCO single phase 110v or 220-277
input to 3phase motor drives 10-120htz. Not sure about the 8 dip switches,
if anyone has any ideas. The model stated is HIA on the box. All for only
$120. Oh yeah, while we were talking, I noticed a mill vice on the floor
under an old drill press. A 6" Kurt Anglock. That was part of the deal,
Ron Moore
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Ron Moore
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definitely a great deal!
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Ron, you are entitled to gloat with this kind of find. The vise was worth more than the purchase price. Bill
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