A question about a Centec mill

I asked this question over on uk.rec.models.engineering but got no response
at all.
I've just installed a Centec 2B with the sliding quill vertical head. I
need to remove the worm wheel that is used in the fine feed, but it won't
come out without removing the worm. I've removed the little grub screw that
I thought retained the worm, but it remains firmly in place (it rotates just
fine, but won't come out). Does anyone know how to remove the worm wheel
Regards, Gary Wooding
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Tried to reply privately but the email address bounced. As I recall, the worm gear and the shaft are one piece. It was no trouble removing it in my case. As I recall, though, the entire housing of the worm gear had to be removed from the quill housing and taken completely apart. Then it just pushed out through the hole in the back that holds the rear bearing for the shaft. No excessive force needed once the set screw (grub screw) that holds the bearing is removed completely. Removing the worm wasn't an issue or a pain in my case. NO FORCE NEEDED.
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Boris Beizer
"Wooding" asked
Gary, Unfortunately, that is one of the few parts of the head I haven't had apart. Go back in and see if there is a second grub screw underneath the first one you removed. Centec used this technique to lock grub screws in a number of locations on the head. Regards Dean Buck
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Dean Buck
Oh yes. I confirm that. Quite a few places that I ran into that practice on the centec. Don'e recall if it was on flange that holds the worm in place, though.
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