A Question about Thread Locker!

I recently bought some Great Planes thread locker. It's the blue stuff,
and it says on the bottle removable. I hope that is the case.
On my OS Max LA 40, a wonderful reliable economical little engine, the
back plate the needle valve is mounted on kept coming loose until I
applied some thread lock. Everytime it came loose, I had to remove the
engine from the plane, a very tiring job!
Now I never expect to have a need to remove the back plate bracket, but
if I do, will it come off? I read someplace that aluminum threads strip
out quite easily when thread lock is used.
Any comments?
Mr Akimoto
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Mr Akimoto
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I have used the blue stuff (old Locktite 242) and never had it fail to release. I cannot guarantee it will come off. However, I would expect it to come off without damaging things.
-- Mike Norton.
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Mike Norton
On Sat, 16 Jul 2005 19:35:17 -0500, "Mike Norton" wrote in :
Same here.
Just leave it be for now.
If you're lucky, you'll never have to find out the answer to your question. ;o)
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Martin X. Moleski, SJ
I have used the Blue and Red Threadlock ( High Heat )with good results, I use the Red usually more than the Blue, this is harder to remove screws, but they have always released for me. In any case, do not overly use. One case I had, where the muffler bolts go through the Head, I used to much and it lock the bolt into the Channel, it turned OK, but, I thought I would never get it out. It came out with threadlock globbed all over the bolt.
Mr Akimoto wrote:
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Flying Fokker
Nothing to worry about. The Blue will come off easily , the RED is the one thats more or less permanent , although it can be removed with heat.
Ken Day
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Ken Day

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